DVB 9120 is one of the best seller DVR from our product line. It supports up to 16 video channels with crystal clear high-res picture quality at maximum 120 frames per second. High compression MPEG4 CODEC provides more recording time with same size of hard disk drive than previous MJPEG CODEC. The built-in video motion detector logic helps DVR system from storing unnecessary video. By connecting the DVR to the Internet, you are able to view live or achieved video from remote location. Or you can even connect to multiple DVR from different location and view them all at the same time also.


  • 16 channel video input
  • 4 channel audio input
  • 120 fps display frame rate
  • 120 fps record frame rate
  • MPEG4 high compression CODEC
  • CIF / Half D1 / D1 Resolution
  • Average 2~4 KB/frame
  • Accessible using web browser
  • Remote client viewing
  • User friendly graphic interface
  • Multi client viewer
  • TV spot out (switching, RCA)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Compatible


  DVB 9120
Camera Input 16 Channel
Audio Input 4 Channel
Loop out N/A
Spot Monitor Output 1 Port (RCA)
Spot Out Type One by one channel switching view
(Channel selectable on setup)
Alarm Output 8
Sensor Input 16
Total Display 120 fps
Total Recording 120 fps
Resolution CIF / Half D1 / D1 Resolution
Screen Set 1 / 4 / 7 / 8 / 13 / 16 / Sequential
Triplex Recording Yes
Network LAN, Cable, DSL, MODEM (optional)
Remote Viewing via Client software or Web Browser (Active-X must be enabled)
Backup Data Transfer / JPEG or BMP Image
Remote site backup / Schedule Backup
AVI standard movie clip (Windows Media Player compatible)
Recording Mode R : Recording continuously
M : Recording only with motion detection
S : Recording only with sensor detection
H : Recording continously but higher frame rate recording at motion triggered
PTZ Control via RS232 Port (RS485 to RS232 Converter required)
Software Included Server / Client / Backup Viewer / Watermark Viewer / Multi-client Viewer

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